Shining Bind


I've shifted to a new webhost! Well, that's it...really... I know I haven't submitted a single chapter of any FanFic for the longest time...but I really have no motivation to write at this point *gets shot*. I want to focus more on running my manga scanlations group...but eh...I'll try to get some Fan Fiction writing time in...I hope. That's it...for now I guess. You can visit my manga group's website here at Hopefully I can get some motivation to write again *gets shot again*

FanFic update here. Still working on Angels of Cruxis Chapter 6 here and there, usually during free time at work or just before I would go to bed, where there is too little time left for me to do anything productive for either Ragnarok Online or Manga Editing. But I've already drafted out Chapter 6 in its entirety in point form the chronological order of the events (In case I forgot anything) and it looks like it's going to be another long chapter. I'm not sure when it's going to be done at this point, I'd say I'm only about one third to completing it (Yays for long chapters, procrastination and laziness >_>). Currently, I'm not sure if it would end up being as long as Chapter 5...but whatever. You guys would still read it anyway. I'll try to put up some sort of preview for Chapter 6 in a few days (For the important events in the chapter), if I don't get too lazy that is...

Okay...a new layout here (Ragnarok Online themed again). Nothing too much happened though in the ways of my Fan Fiction writing (Yes, I know I haven't updated a new fic in like about a year). I didn't have a lot of motivation to write, that and Ragnarok Online and my Manga Editing was taking most of my free time. I've started writing again quite a bit though, mostly during my free time at work, cause I need my time at home for Ragnarok Online and my Manga Editing (which I can only do at home), so Chapter 6 of Angels of Cruxis is going along nicely at this point. I dunno when it would be done, but it's more or less plotted out I just need to fill in the holes as I go along. That's it for now...

Okay...I finally put up a proper layout for this. Until I can get a Tales of Symphonia themed layout up and running (I need some good pics which I can use), this will have to stay. Currently, it will just archive all the Tales of Symphonia fan fiction which I write, so that they are all in one place (Not that it isn't already in one place at FF.Net XD) I will occasionally post updates on my fan fiction status on my deviantART account, so stalk there or something, if you're really impatient ;)