Shining Bind

Angels of Cruxis

Chapter 1 - Time, Heart, Sekundes and Verius (11/11/2004)
The Giant Tree is slowly dying once again, for reasons unknown. Kratos and Yuan, the last of the Angels of Cruxis, goes back to Symphonia to investigate this, only to find that the mana flow of the Giant Tree is slowly being tainted.

Chapter 2 - The Torrential Tsunami of Undine (20/11/2004)
Yuan comes across an injured elf by chance and had Kratos heal the elf. As the elf awoke, they found out that Heimdall is being plagued by an unknown sickness, and finds out the whereabouts of Undine. Time to make the first pact!

Chapter 3 - The Crushing Quake of Gnome (16/01/2005)
Kratos was granted the healing power of the faeries and cured the sickness that was plaguing Heimdall. And now, with a hint from the Elf Elder on the possible location of Gnome, Kratos and Yuan, together with Keele, goes and investigate this.

Chapter 4 - Volt's Lost Faith (19/08/2005)
Lloyd and the others have reached the Giant Tree and found out about the taint. After an uneasy reunion with Kratos and Yuan, and a new member to their team, Keele, they set off to find Volt.

Chapter 5 - The Ties that Bind (20/02/2006)
Village of Serant, where a fierce discrimination between humans and half-elves exist. This reopens Yuan's old wounds over his hatred against discrimination. In order to save Serant, Kratos's and Yuan's bonds with each other as friends are tested.